Mobile Phone and Device Blackspot Connectivity Assessment

Mobile connectivity for phone calls and broadband has become a utility expected by business, residents and the community. The rapid development of new technologies and faster connection options has resulted in regional and rural areas of Australia being on the wrong side of the ‘Digital Divide’. Opportunities to overcome this lie in partnerships with telecommunications carriers to reduce the extent of blackspot coverage and increase access to quality internet data transfer speeds.

Loddon Mallee RDA Committee commissioned the Digital Economy Group (DEG) to undertake independent blackspot testing in each LGA culminating in a report for each of the ten Loddon Mallee LGAs and an overarching report for the Region. Completed in November 2014 the reports provide an objective evidence base for Councils and the RDA to advocate for network upgrades and priority locations across the Region.

In 2016 further testing was completed to analyze the service provided by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone concurrently in eight Loddon Mallee LGAs.  The results of this testing are available in the 2017 Loddon Mallee Mobile Coverage Report below.

2014 Mobile Coverage Report – Loddon Mallee


2017 Mobile Coverage Report – Loddon Mallee

An online mapping tool with detailed results of the 2016 mapping can be found here

 The Mobile Black Spot Program is an Australian Government initiative to extend mobile phone coverage and competition in regional Australia. Click here for more information on the Federal Government initiative