GMW Connections

The GMW Connections Project is building a stronger more sustainable future for irrigation agriculture across the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District. More than $2 billion of Commonwealth and Victorian funding is being invested to create a network that delivers water when and where it’s needed. Delivery is more efficient, more consistent and available at larger flow rates – all of which supports some of Australia’s most innovative farmers to leverage smarter on-farm irrigation systems and technology. The Connections Project involves three key programs:

Backbone Channel Upgrades – An upgrading of the major supply channels that deliver thousands of megalitres of water to hundreds of customers in an Irrigation Area – the Backbone Channel Upgrade will reshape the backbone reducing its length from 6300km to 3500km.

Strategic Connection Plans – Our system by system reconnection to the upgraded backbone channel. 160 SCP’s will be connected over an eight year period. In many instances we’re connecting properties currently supplied from the local spur channel network. Our goal is to connect properties and in most cases this will involve an individual connection such as a pipeline from the backbone channel to the property.

Special Projects – Around $150 million of funding for special projects including the East Loddon Pipeline, Kerang Lakes, Gunbower Lagoons, Swan Hill and Shepparton East projects.