Building Better Business Cases

In August 2016, 45 people from across the Loddon Mallee region attended workshops to help them develop competitive business cases for projects in our region.

The workshops provided participants with a framework for business case development including

  • Understanding the difference between a business plan and business case;
  • Using strategic assessment to conceptualise the right investment and identify evidence to support business case development and economic analysis;
  • Recognising the need for alignment with policy;
  • Determining the financial viability and sustainability of your investment project;
  • Understanding Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) and its role in determining marginal change; and
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) – identifying the costs and benefits (Financial, Economic, Social & Environmental) that can be attributed to the project.

Presenters (Nick Byrne, Matthew Toulmin and Will Henderson – REMPLAN & RMCG) were able to draw on recent case studies and facilitated discussion with those present.

Documents shared at the workshop included: