Advancing Intensive Agricultural Opportunities in the Loddon Mallee

The Loddon Mallee RDA has partnered with state and local government to identify the most appropriate areas to expand intensive agriculture in the Loddon Mallee region

The Loddon Mallee region is well positioned to provide intensive agricultural industries the opportunity to grow in an environment that supports industry expansion, provides solutions for emerging trends and offers a unified approach to assisting industry to establish in suitable locations.

This project promotes an increasingly strategic approach to land use and planning in order to increase production, improve competitiveness, capitalise on export opportunities and respond to market changes

The project:

  • provides assistance to investors and local authorities in exploring and assessing opportunities for the development of intensive livestock production;
  • has developed a geo-spatial mapping tool to explore potential intensive livestock sites. The system is intended to enable users to explore a wide range of relevant features that could influence a decision to locate intensive livestock activities; and
  • encourages a consistent approach to statutory planning.

Advancing Intensive Agricultural Opportunities – Launch Brochure

Loddon Mallee Intensive Livestock Position Paper

Businesses considering expansion or establishment in the Loddon Mallee region are encouraged to view the geo-spatial mapping tool and contact the relevant LGA early in the planning process.

In addition to the outputs of this project, Buloke Shire Council has also produced some Intensive Industry Investment Guides as they actively seek to attract investment in intensive agriculture and related business activities to their Shire.

Buloke Shire Council Intensive Animal Investment Guides.